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(2014-11-22)(MhgPix)Mark H Goodrich has over 50 years of professional experience in the aviation industry, including work as a: mechanic; repair station manager; fixed-base operator; engineering test pilot; design engineer; corporate, charter, air taxi, and airline pilot; flight, ground and simulator instructor; airline executive; aviation lawyer and business consultant. He has over 23,000 hours of worldwide flight experience, has flown most general aviation types from the Taylor E-2 Cub forward, many reciprocating-powered airline transport types from the venerable DC-3 forward, many military types, and is rated to fly most airline transport aircraft  types manufactured by Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas since the 1960s.

Widely published over five decades, and recognized as an expert in areas of aviation technologies, operations, policy, regulation and law, he uses this web-site to set forth his writings addressing issues of interest, concern and controversy, including editorial commentary, technical papers, white papers, legal briefs, and short stories both fiction and non-fiction in nature.

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